Reiki and Me

This is my first post since 2022 began. And I’d like it to be where I share one of the things that I did for myself last year and how it has been amazing. It was something mentioned in my Peace Out 2021 post.

Last year I made the decision to try to open my heart to a lot of different ways to help me find what I want to do. I have known that something had been starting to shift a few years ago and I wanted more than anything to figure this out. A few years ago I was introduced to reiki and was amazed. What is reiki you ask? Reiki is a gentle, ancient, hands-on energy therapy. It’s a form of energy healing that taps into Universal Life Force and the effects are always for the highest healing good.

I have had reiki sessions in the past, in person and then within the past 2 years I’ve been able to experience distant reiki sessions. It was amazing how I could feel someone working with energy from miles apart! When I had the in-person sessions, I could feel the energy moving around and how much lighter I felt. When my sessions were complete, I felt like I was floating or felt like I just had a massage. I was so relaxed. With the distant sessions, I didn’t feel as relaxed but I felt the energy shifting.

I felt that I was being drawn to study Reiki and took a class in order to get attuned and help myself with reiki. I have been able to help myself and family with some things. I was then so intrigued, that I decided to take a class for Reiki II. In reiki II, I learned about healing symbols and how they can help support healing and expansion in all areas of life. In this class, I was able to learn about Distant reiki and how to perform this for others that are not close by. This really intrigued me. And recently I have been able to practice this more and it has been quite the amazing experience!

Along with meditation, reiki has been helping me bring clarity to certain things. It can help mentally and physically.  There are so many benefits.

I continue to learn, of all the possibilities of what reiki can do for myself and others. And I truly believe that I am meant to do something with this. Although my first intention was to learn this and do it for me and only me, I know believe that I can help others. After these courses, Reiki I and Reiki II, I am an Advanced Reiki Practitioner.

If you have any questions about reiki, please feel free to reach out and ask away. I’m happy to chat with you.


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