Peace Out 2021

2021 ends tonight and I am reflecting back on all that has happened. There are so many reasons why I could say it was another shitty year due to COVID. However, there has also been so much good this past year.  Like any year, it was full of challenges but it was also full of silly moments, fun times, and accomplishments. It was full of growth and perseverance. 


The amount of times that we have ended up at the doctors for head injuries, nose injuries, or fingers jammed in doors – oh my.  Having this happen during this crazy COVID time hasn’t made any of it feel great. If anything it’s raised my anxiety level.  However, the nurses, doctors and all medical staff have made me feel comfortable. And they are doing amazing – I’m so thankful for all the medical staff that I’ve come across and to any out there reading this that are working in doctors offices or hospitals, thank you for all that you do. 


I had a panic attack. Guys, I have heard of people having panic attacks, but I had no idea how people felt until it happened to me. It took me a bit to start talking about it, but I knew I had to. With the help of my therapist and husband, I have been able to open up and talk to my family and friends about my anxiety and my struggles with it. And you know what, the more I talk about it, the more I realize it’s okay; I’m okay. I realize I’m not alone. I’m not looking for sympathy by telling you this. I know there are others out there that have had panic attacks and don’t talk about it. The severity of everyone’s panic attacks are different I’m sure. My anxiety has definitely been a struggle these past couple years and a lot came to the surface on a particular day to make the panic attack happen. I now realize how bad my anxiety was, or sometimes can be. I really am so grateful for my therapist, husband, family, and friends. I’m grateful for my desire to work on meditation and mindfulness for myself on a regular basis. 


While there were crazy times, there was so much goodness that came with 2021.

We refinanced our house, renovated our kitchen and we are thinking about some other projects for the house. 

Both boys have been in school. While it’s definitely a tough situation due to COVID, it means a lot that they are in a setting that is helping them learn and be social with their friends.

I, personally, have been pretty quiet this past year. I have spent less time on social media and limiting my personal sharing. I have been huddled in my home, doing a whole lot of nothing and a whole lot of something. 

I have been reading so many books (personal development, parenting, thriller/suspense, fiction, romance, etc.). I have read 38 books this year. (I looked at an Instagram post from last year stating that I read 17 books….what a difference!)

I also can say that I am extremely proud of what I have been doing for myself this year. I have done a lot to improve my mental and physical health.  I have completed three different courses this year. I have been super quiet about it all, mostly because I wasn’t ready to share. Or maybe it’s because I tend to keep a lot to myself. However, I’m ready to share what I’ve been up to. I completed the following: 

  • Barre Intensity Instructor Training 
  • Reiki I and Reiki II Certification
  • Certificate in Mindfulness

At this point,  everything I’ve been doing, as far as the above courses, has been for myself, to improve my mental health and learn more about myself. However, I get the feeling that these certifications, whether it be all of them or one of them, are going to be part of something else in my future. 


So…. 2021 you have been fun, challenging, exhausting, awesome, and so much more but Peace Out! 

2022….I plan to take things slow, one day at a time and just….be. If you don’t hear from me, know I’m here. Just quietly doing my own thing.


Cheers Everyone. May 2022 bring you peace, kindness, love and light. 

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