Who Needs to Diet?

F&ck Dieting.

This was the title of a podcast that I had recently listened to by Susie Petit – Love Your Life podcast.  It really struck me.

Now, I don’t ever really recall dieting in any way shape or form. When I was younger, say high school, I know I didn’t very healthy. I’m pretty sure my lunch most days was a bagel and cream cheese. Breakfast was probably the same. And dinner was probably pasta or chicken of some sort. At some point in high school I decided to not eat meat, or not eat certain meat. I would only eat chicken.

In college I was a little bit better. But definitely ate my way too much junk food. And then after college I realized I needed to change the way I ate a bit. I decided to eat more healthy. I pretty much decided I was a vegetarian but then added in some meat here and there.  I never truly added it back in completely – I was a bit picky. Let’s face it, I’m pretty picky and have always been. But again, never really dieted.

I consider myself fairly healthy to this date, even after two children. And the thing that I do is I don’t deprive myself of anything. If I want something, I will just eat it. Pizza? I eat it. Ice Cream? I definitely eat it. Candy? I’ll have a couple small pieces. Cookies? Maybe I’ll have one. Nachos? Yes please. I eat lots of veggies and fruits. And combine that with some grains and protein. I refuse to diet. I don’t see a point in it. I figure that I will eat what I feel is a good option, and watch my portions. So this podcast episode really resonated with me. As she states, there is so much more to us than our weight. And there really is!

As a mom of two, the least of my worries should be my weight.  Yes; I want to be healthy, but why worry about my weight? I’ve decided that my weight is just a number. It doesn’t matter what the scale says, what matters is how I feel. And you know what? I feel strong. I feel good. And I’m able to run after my two boys, that are energizer bunnies. I mean trust me, they don’t slow down. I’m still alternating my foods, as I want to eat what’s going to make me feel good and give me all the nutrients and vitamins that I need. As well as the energy that I need. That way I am strong and healthy. I know I don’t always eat the right foods, but I’m going to eat what I want.

So I say forget about diets. Eat what you feel makes you healthy and strong. Eat what you crave. Eat what you want. You deserve it. You don’t need a diet. If you can just pay attention to your body and choose what you feel is best for you, that’s fine. F&ck Dieting, as Susie says.  And if you haven’t checked out her podcast, please do. Love Your Life                                                                                                                                        There is so much more to her podcast, but as mentioned this one really resonated with me. And I hope that it will resonate with you too.

How do you feel about dieting? Drop me a comment to let me know.

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