Morning Routine = Much Needed Me Time

I wake up at my normal time – around 4:00 a.m. I get out of bed, get into some workout clothes (some days) and go downstairs. I grab my ear buds and get settled on the couch. I pick up my phone, go to my meditation app, and choose a meditation. My favorite app is Insight Timer.  I then settle quietly back into my spot and do my mediation. When I am done, I warm up some water in the tea kettle for some warm water and lemon. I get my pen and my journal and sit down at the kitchen island. I drink my warm lemon water and start writing in my journal. I write my daily affirmations, a couple things I’m grateful for and then the rest of my thoughts go out onto the paper.

Once I’m done with my writing, and my warm water with lemon, I do one of two things. On most days, I do at least a 5 minute yoga routine.  And some days I do more exercise in the morning. I then go up and get ready for my day.  When I’m ready, I come back down to the kitchen and get myself some breakfast and make my matcha latte (you can read how I make it here). I grab whatever book I’m in the middle of reading and read a bit while I eat and drink my tea. When I feel like I’ve had enough reading of  my book (some days I only read for 10-15 minutes, sometimes longer) that’s when I typically go on my phone and check social media. Before I know it, I hear a child quietly call “Mama” which means one of the children has woken up. The next part of my day is about to being.

Once one child is up, the other will soon follow. And the day starts to get crazy. Because as soon as they wake up, the chaos has begun.

I have followed this routine for months. The only change now, is that work is now taking place at home too. This chaos has just gotten more chaotic with the entire family home. Every. Single. Day.

But those morning routines.  They are everything. They help get me through the day.  Sometimes the good vibes don’t last all day, and sometimes they do.  Sometimes I’ll have to take a break in the middle of the day and do some more meditation. Or even just to turn around, give everyone some space and take some deep breaths.

Is there anything that you incorporate into your mornings to help you start your day right? Is there one particular thing that you have to do in the morning? Tell me about it in the comments!

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