Some More Me Time

Hey All. So I’ve been having quite a bit of me time recently. And when I say me time, it’s just not alone time. But time to socialize with adults and just be me. Ahhh…what a great feeling!

It all started when I got myself a manicure towards the end of September. I was in desperate need of one and finally made that appointment. I LOVE getting my nails done. It makes me feel relaxed. And it makes me feel put together.

So one of my friends and I see each other about every 6 months. This may seem slightly odd, but it’s a time we know we can definitely get together. Why do you ask? Because our jewelry happens to be on the same cleaning/inspection schedule. (you can laugh, it’s OK). I know what you’re thinking. Why does this mean anything? Who actually gets their jewelry cleaning and inspected? Well, apparently my friend and I do. So since we make sure we do this and decided to do it together, we make a morning of it! We go out to breakfast. Where I enjoy a meal without a child around my leg, or asking me a million questions or screaming out of frustration. I get to sip my tea while in adult conversation. Oh; I love it! After breakfast is when we get our jewelry cleaned and inspected. After that, depending on time, we do a bit of window shopping (or actually shopping).  And then our time comes to an end.

Later that same day, I went out for a mom’s night out. This included a few moms from my neighborhood. We went out for some appetizers and drinks. It was a fun night out. I will leave it at that. 🙂

One more me time thing that I did was go to the movies with a friend. We went to get some appetizers and then to see A Star is Born, with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Oh my goodness…..what a terrific movie! I loved it! The actors, the music, it was all amazing. Now I know it’s a remake (for the 4th time even) and I haven’t seen any of the other versions yet, but I can’t say how much I loved this one. And I will have to sit down and watch the others if I can.

I’d say I had a lot of me time, or social time, within the past couple of days. It has been great because it’s time I need to reset. Although some of the time to reset I need quiet time. But there are times where I want to be more social.

What have you done lately to get in some time for yourself? What do you do to reset yourself so that you don’t burn out?