Social Media and Sharing

Well hello there! It definitely has been a long time since I have made a post. You see, I set out on this blogging journey because I wanted to share stories with you. These stories or thoughts may not come out perfect when I type them, but they are mine that I choose to share.

You see, I started to realize a bit about myself (and others) recently. I realized how open and honest many people are with one another. And while I believe that is a good thing, I also believe there are certain things in ones life that are to be private.

I was always a quiet person, I still am. Or so I consider myself to be. I tend to bottle some things up and keep them inside. I may be able to show my emotions on my sleeve but I try to keep what’s very important to myself.

It was around 2003 when MySpace started. For those of you that may not know, this was a social media site for all to join. You were able to share as much information or as little as you wanted, but it was there. Easy to access on the internet. It was the thing to do at that time. You would make a page and list many things about yourself, as well as upload a photo of yourself.

In 2004, Facebook began. At the time anyone with a college email could sign up for the site. It was similar to MySpace, only it seemed to have more pieces that people liked, and you were able to alter your settings to keep certain information private. You could upload more photos than MySpace and create albums, which was a plus for many of its users. People shared so much information about themselves. You could update your “status” to anything you wanted. This would catch your friends attention. It could have been a happy thought or a sad thought. People liked to connect to each other on the internet.

All of this makes me think of one word: Sharing. When is sharing too much? And how can people share so much depth of their lives with everyone? I know for some, sharing is a way of them to cope with something. I know for some, sharing is a way of just venting. It means different things for different people. But there are some times when I feel that sharing can be too much. This is when I have to filter what I see in my current feeds of social media.

Which is why I wonder if I started a blog is a good thing or a bad thing. I believe that I too, like to share. But I also believe that there are some things that I tend to keep to myself (or share with only family) due to its importance. But, I also believe that there are some things that I feel like sharing, whether they be good or bad. Because I tend to believe that we all have imperfections. And as much as people share all the good things going on in their life, we all go through some sort of hardships.

What are you thoughts on social media and sharing information?  Do you enjoy it? Do you not enjoy it? Does it depend on the subject?