Snowy Days

Yesterday was a snowy day for us. And yes, it included being snowed in, at least for the little one and me. He loved looking at out the snow, but wanted nothing to do with being out in it. He would make his way over to the sliding door and watch the snow fall. And it continued to fall until late last night.

boy looking out window

He enjoyed being able to just look at everything. The time that he enjoyed the most though, was playing with plastic containers, sippy cups and snacking containers.


not regular toys


He kept going back to this drawer and wanting me to open it. So I did. He would stare at all the “stuff” for a few minutes, then reach for something and take it out. He’d try to find the snacks that he thought would be in the snack container, But of course they were empty. He would try to drink from his sippy cups, of course they were empty. Then he would place them back into the drawer and close it. Repeat about a dozen or so times and lots of fun was had!

The snow didn’t give up until sometime late last night/early this morning. But at one point in time, I caught a photo of our backyard. You can see that the snow is just about up to the deck! If you look beyond in the photo, you can almost see waves carved out in the snow due to the wind.

snowy yard


While the little one napped throughout the day, I started to cook dinner. (As well as relaxed and read some of the book I’m reading). I cooked Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean and corn tacos (recipe courtesy of Cooking Classy). The hubby and I really loved this meal! It was very tasty and (according to the hubby) had the perfect amount of spice to it. Thanks Cooking Classy for sharing the recipe! My picture probably doesn’t do it justice, and definitely isn’t as fancy, but it was definitely delicious!

Honey-Lime Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Corn Tacos

I’m sure many of you had yesterday off as well; so how did you spend it?