New Year’s Resolutions, Yes or No

Happy New Year! Indeed, what a new year it has been thus far, and it’s only January 12th as I write this. And after looking back, I realize that I haven’t shared anything on this blog for over a year.  Not sure why and how that happened, but I’m going to do my best to keep up at this thing this year. 


How many of you out there set up New Year’s Resolutions? Or set new goals for the year as January 1st hits? Ok, ok. How many of you actually keep those resolutions or goals and follow up on them? Anyone? Raise your hand? 


I saw a reel the other day on Instagram and it resonated with me. It was by a reiki master that I follow. And she mentions that the start of the new year is not the best time, energetically, to set new resolutions or goals. Woah, back up a minute there. It’s not the best time to set resolutions or make new goals?! WHAT?! That really hit me. And I had to sit back and think about it. After thinking about it, I realized how much I agreed with it. I’ve not always set resolutions or goals. If I had, I never kept them that long. January, the start of the new year, is also winter time. What do we like to do in winter? I’m going to use the word hibernate. Well, at least for me I do. Hehe. We like to stay home. We like to get all cozy on the couch with a blanket. We do come up with new ideas and let them simmer. Yes, let them simmer. We can take our ideas and start to make plans, but you don’t have to take action right away. Your energy can tell you so much. Listen to it! 


So when is the best time to set resolutions or goals? Spring! What happens in Spring? Things start to bloom and come alive. Think of your ideas and goals that could come alive during this time. Feel free to wait it out. Or better yet, do you tend to make those New Year’s Resolutions and goals and stick with them? Then by all means, do what works for you! Everyone is different. I’m not trying to persuade you from what you do and work. 


So let me tell you what I’m going to do. I’m going to write down my ideas, maybe get some things together to take action, but let them simmer. When I can hear that my energy is ready to go, I will then take my actions from my ideas and GO! Take it one step at a time, no need to rush. 


So, tell me, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Do you keep them? 

Or will you make resolutions or goals when you feel it’s a good time? 

Again, do you! 

But I’m curious what you do – let me know!


Love & Light,