My Favorite Podcasts

I want to preface this post by saying that I’m not usually a podcast listener. I find that I don’t pay attention a lot of the time, as I’m not great at multitasking. It takes a while for information to stay within this brain of mine. But I have found some podcasts that have particular episodes that resonate with something happening in my life or something I’m feeling in my life. Therefore, I will listen and take in what I am hearing. I want to share with you the ones that I have found to be beneficial in one way shape or form to me.


The first one that I want to share with you is The Shameless Mom Academy.  This one has some great topics for mamas. Sara Dean comes up with great guest speakers, awesome content, and all around I love listening to her podcasts. There are many that I have listened to that I basically say “yes” or “me too” out loud, or even “hmmm…”. The content she creates and brings into every mama’s life is thorough and can assist anyone in any part of their life. She talks about motherhood and all the facets of it that come along. The good, the bad, the ugly. I have also found other entrepreneurial women to follow from their talks on this podcast. She touches topics such as how to build social support systems that serve you, dreaming, doing & decisiveness and the connection between courage and confidence.


The second podcast that I follow is Don’t Keep Your Day Job. Cathy Heller does a stellar job with this podcast. She talks about all entrepreneurship for men and women.  She has helped people figure out their passion, their purpose and how to turn that into a profitable business. She interviews some great entrepreneurs and gives some great advice on how to get your business up and running with practical steps. Her guests have included Jenna Fisher, novelist Emily Griffin, and many more. The content from these podcasts are very real and she goes into the steps on how to make things happen. I like how relatable she is to the listener, as she herself was in their shoes. She tells her story of how she got started in the music industry and changed careers multiple times.


The third podcast I follow is Love Your Life. Susie Pettit is amazing. Her down to earth podcast is refreshing. Her topics  of content make sense to me, such as “F#ck Dieting”, “How to Add Joy to your Life”, and “Transform your Body and Your Life with Susan Hyatt”. All three of those particular episodes, mostly recently, all spoke to me in one way or another. And her other episodes are just as good too! She is very down to earth and honest with what she is speaking about. This podcast had a few (including those mentioned above) that have made an impact on me; They really struck home. (I will talk about that in a separate post). She is also very relatable to the audience and speaks from the heart.


These podcasts are ones I turn to constantly for one reason or another. I listen to the Shameless Mom Academy because I feel like a shameless mom and I think the topics can be informational and motivational. I listen to Don’t Keep Your Day Job because I’m interested in finding your passion and going for your dreams. Listening to others stories is inspiring. And hearing about others doing this entrepreneur stuff is inspiring. The entrepreneur world is fascinating to me. The Love Your Life show is definitely one that I’m listening to a bit more often now. I love how a lot of it, I feel, pertains to my life and how I feel right now.  And it is giving me some ideas on handling my mind set for particular situations. And I relate a lot to her topics, even in such a small way.

Are there any podcasts that you listen to for any sort of inspiration or anything? Maybe even just for fun? Drop me a note and let me know! Or let me know if you start listening to one of the ones I listed above.

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