I have been having a tough time getting motivated to exercise lately. At first, it was because I was sick, so I took a week off. The following week, I never got back into it. The week after that, well I tried1-2 days and still failed. Where is that motivation that I had? I had been doing well for quite some time, I think it was for about 4 weeks. And now, I find it harder than ever to get back into a workout regime. Could it be the warmer weather? Could it be because I work out at home and not at a gym? Could it be because I work out on my own and don’t have a buddy? I can’t quite put a finger on it. Although I do think the warmer weather is taking a toll on it. I just feel like sitting in the sun rather than working out. I know working out will make me feel better, ┬ábut I choose to sit in the sun and soak up some vitamin D.

My question is, how do I stay motivated? Do I give myself a goal? What can I do?

Right now, my time to exercise is in the afternoon. And I prefer to keep the time frame to 30 minutes top (possibly 40). ┬áPreviously, I use to exercise in the mornings, before work. But I can’t do that anymore. If early in the morning were an option for me, I would be all for it. (but 3:30 a.m. does not sound like a good time to wake up). Making that time in the afternoon can be tough for me. I just don’t have that motivation to do it after work. I want to either relax or cook dinner, or spend time with my son.

It’s not just exercise, but I find myself lacking motivation elsewhere to. Cleaning, cooking, etc. I keep making excuses as to why I cannot or will not do it. I need motivation!

What do you use for motivation? What do you think will help me stay motivated?