Holiday Busi-ness

Christmas has quickly come and gone and I don’t know what happened! It all flew by in a blink of an eye.

The month of December always seems to fly by. It’s the month of gatherings of family, gatherings of friends, celebrating holidays and (for us) birthdays. It’s neverending but goes by so quickly. Here I am, January 9, and I feel like so much happened, but yet it went by so fast.

My son’s birthday is December 24; yes he’s a Christmas Eve baby. And we tried to celebrate it 2 weeks early, with only family due to it being such a crazy season. We ended up having to cancel it because our 1.5 year old was sick. But then my mother graciously said she’d watch the sick child so that we could do something for his birthday. My husband and I met up with his parents and our nephews. We all went to the movies. He had a lot of fun with everyone, which was great. But due to the fact that I neglected to take some candy away from him, he ate too much candy and got sick on the ride home. Poor kiddo. But he was fine the next day. Lesson learned: do not hand the entire box of candy to kids in the movies.

So on the 24th, we celebrated my son’s birthday in the morning. Later that day we went down to my uncle’s house to celebrate Christmas with my mom’s family. It’s always fun getting together with them, as all the young ones run around crazy. And we see the family that we don’t normally see on a regular basis.

Christmas morning we had just the 4 of us, and our dog Bailey, celebrate Christmas together. My in-laws came over for the afternoon. The kids stayed in their pajamas all day, and their cousins came over in their pajamas. It was a nice time, with the kiddos running around crazy and having fun.

Thankfully, I had the remainder of the week off of work. I was able to have some time to myself and relax a bit. But I also did a few things with other people and my family.

And January 1st came and has gone too. My husband had a birthday earlier this month and we were able to go out to dinner sans kiddos. It was some nice adult time.

But nothing beats all the holiday craziness. As much as it can be overwhelming, it’s also very fun and exciting. And next year will be even crazier, as at that time we’ll have a 2-year-old and an almost 6-year-old – YIKES! I can’t even think that far ahead right now.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!