Being Pregnant

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience….for some. I feel like for the most part, I am one of those people that has a pretty good experience. My first pregnancy went very smoothly, in my opinion. I had morning sickness during the first trimester, but was able to keep it at bay with crackers, water and ginger ale. I never actually got sick. Although I was very cautious about things that I would do. I would take things very slowly. I would watch every thing that I would eat. Because they say don’t eat this and don’t eat that. They say to continue exercising if you were doing so beforehand. They say to exercise even if you weren’t that active before. They say to only gain about 35 pounds throughout your entire pregnancy.

I am currently pregnant with baby #2. While for the most part, I feel like this pregnancy has been similar, it has also been different. I had morning sickness during the 1st trimester, more so than the first time around. And I caught a cold early on, which was persistent and turned into a 3 week long sinus infection. And then about a week after that I think I had food poisoning. Yuck! So needless to stay the pregnancy started off on the wrong foot.

The pregnancy itself seems to be going smoothly. I seem to have more cravings this time around than the first. Although I had my fair share during the first pregnancy. Pickles, salt and vinegar chips, toast with cream cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, ice cream, fried foods, chocolate almond milk. This time, I crave ice cream, waffles, donuts, ice cream, eggs, pasta, pizza, chocolate almond milk and sometimes salads.

Besides those things, I have even forgotten that I’m pregnant sometimes. I bump into things. I trip over things. I think I can reach things up high – and I can’t. My stomach gets in the way when I try to do my make-up in the bathroom. I drop something and try to pick it up – and I can’t bend over. And I just laugh at myself when I think I can do something and can’t. We have a dog now too and I normally take care of her in the morning. But I can’t bend over to feed her. I try to enlist the help of the 3 year old to feed her but it doesn’t always work. Positive reinforcement helps sometimes.

And the last few weeks, I have noticed feeling different things than I have in the last pregnancy. You see, at 35 weeks, I found out that the baby was breech. And the following week my doctor said that we should schedule a c-section. This time, the baby is not breech. The baby is head down, so I feel things differently – which I’m sure most women have felt before, but I haven’t until recently. The pressure. My feet are so swollen! Which happened the first time as well. So are my hands – so much that I can’t wear my rings this time around! Restless feet and legs. Sleepless nights started a long time ago. (and I know they will be here for a good long time after the baby arrives). I have gotten a lot slower at moving as well.

And talk about being prepared for the baby to arrive. The 1st pregnancy we had things ready so early. The nursery. The clothes. The diapers, wipes, etc. This time around, the nursery is pretty much set up, the clothes are washed and finally got at least a package of diapers and wipes! In reality, we probably are prepared, but I just don’t feel like I am. I guess you’re never going to feel ready, are you?

I guess our next adventure will be starting before we know it. Turning from a family of 3 to a family of 4.