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I love curling up on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. I also love reading to gain knowledge or help myself grow in various ways. I thought, why not write a post about what I have been reading lately? I think some of you may want to know of some new books to read. So here I am with an update on what I have read recently.




The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave

This book has been on my list for a while. I saw it on Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club Pick. It’s a mystery about a woman on the search for the truth about her husband’s disappearance. Hannah wants to know what happened to her husband, as she was asked to take care of his daughter, Bailey.  The book follows Hannah as she looks into who her husband, Owen, is, as he’s not who she thinks he is and Bailey is the key to finding out who he is, and possibly where he is. There are so many twists and turns throughout the book it pulled me in and I didn’t want to stop reading. I found myself picking the book up whenever I could ti find the answers along with Hannah and Bailey.






The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

This book follows 2 strangers struggling with their world and begin following their secret mentor. It talks about how important a great morning routine can be to kick-start your day and develop habits that help you in many ways. There are stories from the mentor about how he got into the 5AM Club, how much it has helped him, and shows how he is doing it all. The stories within this book are inspiring. It’s interesting to see how others utilize their morning to help them for the day. There are many guides and step-by-step methods as to how to incorporate certain things into your own morning routine. You can use them for yourself to get yourself up at 5am and start your day off in a great way.

Personally: I will admit, I have fallen off my early morning rise game since I was sick, and have been listening to my body telling me that it needs rest. I almost feel ready to start my early-rise game again, so that I can start my days with a sense of clarity, calmness, and productivity.





The Perfect Marriage by Jeneva Rose

This book caught me right from the start. It was such a page-turner. Again, I did not want to put it down, so I found myself picking this up any chance I could. This book follows Sarah, a very successful attorney, and her husband, Adam a writer who has had little success in his career. Adam is tired of his wife’s constant work schedule. The couple has a lake house, where Adam goes to spend most of his time writing and has an affair with another woman, Kelly. One day, everything changes as someone is found dead in the lake house. Sarah then works to defend her husband, as he is accused of murdering this person. This story has so many plot twists and turns. I kept thinking I might know the outcome, but then I was wrong. It was suspenseful and entertaining. I had to see what the end was going to be. And when I did, man it caught me so off guard. If you like suspenseful, mystery books, I recommend this one.





Layla By Colleen Hoover

This book captivated me from the beginning. Seeing how Leeds connects with Layla and then the unexpected things that happen along the way. It was intriguing, with a little bit of suspense, and a little creepiness as well. Once I got closer to the end and realized what was happening in the story, I was invested in figuring out what would happen. I kept turning the pages and avoiding doing housework when I needed to. This book wasn’t what I thought it was when I started it.






I hope these reads have given you some ideas of maybe some other books that you may or may not want to read. Whatever floats your boat. But they were some that I enjoyed. Have you already read any one of these books?  If you have, which one and what did you think? Let me know if the comments.


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