This Thing Called Parenting

Have you ever heard from others, or your own parents, that parenting is hard?

Well, I do believe that everyone has their own views on this. And while some think it’s easy, personally I feel like it’s the hardest job that I have.

Let’s start from the beginning. I grew up babysitting and always loved babies and kids. I loved playing with them and making sure they had what they need. And once I had my own, I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. But I didn’t realize how hard being a parent can really be.  You start off in the newborn phase, feeling like everything is great; my baby is beautiful; we can do this; you rock.  Then the baby is crying. You have already fed them, changed them, tried soothing them, what is going on?! You are up endless hours and are exhausted. And it’s not just you, it’s the other parent too.

When said child gets to a certain age, and that’s different for everyone, you say, I want another. Then you bring another baby to this world and you now have two kids,  This brings on so many new challenges. How to balance a toddler and a newborn? How do you manage two children? Am I doing this right? Why is my baby so fussy? Am I giving my toddler enough attention? I mean, you have to juggle all the stuff you remember from newborn phase (if you remember it), as well as a toddler that is running around.

And then you start to think, should I stay home with the kids? Should I work full time? Should I work part time? Can I work full time (or part time)? What’s best for the kids? What’s best for us? What’s best for me? Am I doing something right? Am I doing something wrong? I mean there are so many questions that you are asking yourself because you feel a lot of pressure.  There are so many women who seem judgmental on everything. And you don’t want to do something and feel like you’re being judged. But the fact is, we shouldn’t be judging each other at all. We should be lifting each other up and supporting one another. We’re all technically going through the same thing. It may be at different times, with different children, but we are going through it. The sleepless nights. The sick children. The sick mama. The sick dada or other parent. The sick dog/cat/whatever pet you have.  It’s never ending – to an extent. We should be listening to each other. Sharing each others ups and downs. Bringing each other up.

Some people are lucky enough to live near loved ones that can help sometimes. I’ll be honest, I’m one of those lucky few. But there are some that don’t have that. And we all have our own villages that help us. Whether it be family, your friends or your neighbors. You will have that help and guidance through people that care about you. And I mentioned that in a past post about it taking a village to raise a family, and it is so, so true. Regardless if you think you need it or not, you may. Even if it’s someone to just sit there with you. It’s so worth it.

So I want you to  know, that parenting is hard. Regardless of your situation – we all struggle with different issues over it. But keep your head high, mama/parents. You can do it. You will do it. You are strong. You are awesome. Keep on smiling. And don’t be afraid to share / show your emotions. Those need to be shared too.

Much love being sent out to all my mama and parenting friends / family.