Recovery from C-Section

So I don’t keep it to myself that I had a c-section with my first child. When we found out were were expecting with baby #2, I debated and talked with my doctors about a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) vs the c-section. Ultimately, I felt having another c-section would be best for me and baby #2. Regardless of how you give birth to your child, you are a strong woman and you brought a beautiful child into this world. I really hope all women can remember that.  But the big challenge with having a c-section comes afterwards: the recovery time frame and how to handle it.

After my first c-section, my husband was home with me for nearly 3 weeks. He helped out immensely in so many ways – laundry, cleaning, cooking, etc. I was able to rest pretty well. It also happened to be the middle of winter and we had quite a few snowstorms that kept me inside. It wasn’t until a week or so before I returned to work that I actually got out and did much with my son. With the weather getting nicer, I went out for a few walks. I only left the house when I needed to. And then I returned to work. Wearing everyday clothes was a bit bothersome and the incision area / stomach area were still sensitive. I was still wearing maternity clothes for quite some time after.

I had another scheduled c-section with my second son almost 8 weeks ago. Before the surgery, I had researched ways to help recover a bit quicker, due to having a toddler that I would probably be running after. I came upon some some underwear specifically for c-section recovery by UpSpring Panty, which I found on AmazonI read so many reviews that stated that they were pretty comfortable underwear to wear after a c-section. So after reading more reviews, I decided that I wanted to try them. I ordered a 2-pack before I went in for the c-section so that I would have them when I was home. I was too nervous to try to wear them right away, so I waited about 2 – 3 weeks after the c-section and then tried them out.

They obviously aren’t the most nicest looking pair of underwear, being high waist and all, but boy do I feel like they help! The piece of the underwear that covers the incision is nice and smooth. So nothing can feel weird or hurt the incision area. The high waist is great to support your stomach. It keeps your stomach in place so that you don’t feel like things are moving around. I can wear pants (maternity) and nothing irritates it. (I have yet to wear non-maternity clothes and it may still be a bit before I’m back in non-maternity clothes). I will probably be wearing lots of dresses and possibly skirts for a while is my guess. I have noticed a significant difference from wearing them compared to my regular underwear. I feel they hold things together really well so that I can move around a bit more smoothly. I find that when I do wear them, I have much better days than when I don’t. Which means I can do a few more of the things that I need/want to do. I am able to use a carrier to carry my son around and have it be comfortable for a decent amount of time. This allows me to bring him around the house to do various tasks around the house. Honestly, I can’t really say how great these have been to me recently.

Now being almost 8 weeks past the c-section, I am feeling pretty great! And moving around a bit more quickly. It makes running around after a toddler a bit easier.

I highly recommend anyone that has had a c-section or planning one, that you give these a try. I wish I had bought these for after my 1st c-section!