My Live List

Hi All. I wanted to let in on something that I’m doing this year. So a few months ago, I decided there were a couple things that I was going to do for myself before the end of the year. And rather than call it a bucket list, I told myself that I was going to call it my Live List. I mean, we’re living, we have things we want to do. I didn’t want to call it my Bucket List since I’m still alive.

Currently, there are two items on this Live List of mine.

  1. Get a tattoo
  2. Take a Dance ClassNumber one, get a tattoo. I know, I know. You’re probably thinking what’s the big deal, right? Well, I have never wanted to get a tattoo, for two reasons. One, I couldn’t think of anything that I’d really want permanently on my body. And two, I can’t stand needles. Period. But when I saw a particular tattoo (thanks to my sister-in-law), I knew what I wanted. It had to have some sort of meaning to it. And that would be a dragonfly. I will explain more of the meaning behind this when I write my post-tattoo post. YIKES!

The second thing that I will do before the end of the year: Take a dance class. I have always been a dancer and although I injured myself in college, I still yearn to dance more than anything. I’m on the lookout for a local studio that offers a couple classes that I’d like to try out again. That would be hip-hop, jazz, musical theater, something a bit upbeat. Although I took ballet, it’s not my favorite that I’d like to pick up again. I think I found a studio (or two) that may offer something for me, so I’m hoping to drop into a class to see if I can still do what I think I can. And after I take that class, you can bet I will keep you updated.

So there you have it. My current Live List.  I will let you know how each situation goes, in case you’re following and wondering.

Do you have anything that you may want to put on your own Live List? Write it down and make a plan!