Food …Oh the Food….or Not

So I realize that this may or may not have happened to everyone during pregnancy, but did you have any foods that you loved? Or foods that you hated? Foods that you just have to have? Foods that you couldn’t have. I’m sure at one time or another, any of those came up if you were pregnant, right? Who’s with me?

So for my first pregnancy, I craved carbs. I wanted bread, pasta, baked potatoes with everything on it, anything carb loaded I wanted it. I craved chocolate milk – almond chocolate milk to be exact. I know one of my closest friends can say she did too. I wanted ice cream. all. the. time. I loved almost everything and ate just as much or as little as I wanted. After that first pregnancy, it took a bit but my cravings went down and soon my palate was back to its normal self.

During my second pregnancy, the taste buds really started to change. I was a bit more nauseas so I was a bit more cautious about what I wanted. But, I again, wanted carbs. I wanted ice cream. every. single. day. (which by the way…I had ice cream single day I was pregnant….for nearly 39 weeks). I craved a lot of mexican food for some reason too. Things I did not crave or couldn’t eat for some reason or another: cookies, sweets, cheese, yogurt, granola, red meat, and chicken. After I was pregnant…now that’s a different story.

So, 9 months post baby (#2), and my food aversions are still here. I am not a huge fan of the sweets. I don’t feel the need to eat them if they are around. Although I may have one to see if my taste buds are still out of wack. I do not care for red meat (still). I also don’t care for chicken unless I am the one that cooks it. Even that I don’t cook it much. I don’t like alcohol. Mama’s , you are reading that correctly – I don’t like alcohol (wine, beer, liquor, any of it). My taste buds are like “what is this stuff? it’s not tasty”. Now, I feel like a lot of the jokes (or a lot of the social media remarks) are “mama needs a glass of wine tonight” or “mama can’t wait to get her hands on a drink”.  I know I’m not the only one. I mean, I get it, believe me I do. But with my taste buds changing and all, I’m all like “eh”.  I’d rather just eat ice cream, ya know? I mean, if my taste for wine returns, cool. But I don’t really care either way.

Has anyone else had any food aversions during pregnancy that continued until after baby was born? I can’t be the only one that this has happened to, can I?