Daily Foot Wear

This may be a silly post, but I wanted to share. When there is inclement weather of sorts, whether it be rain or snow (living in New England folks), do you wear outside shoe wear and then change your shoes when you get to where you are going? Or do you wear your everyday shoes out in the weather?

I am one of those people that wear appropriate weather-related shoes outside and then change. So in rainy weather, I almost always wear my rain boots to work and then put nice shoes in my bag to change into once I’m in my office. Same goes for the winter. I wear winter boots during the snowy months and then change into my nicer shoes in my office.

I suppose it comes about more with me since I see college students a lot. I see many that wear their rain boots across campus to class and work. Or wear flip-flops when walking around campus. Which totally makes sense.  I have also seen college students wear slippers outside and then walk around inside. But as an adult in the workplace, I don’t feel it’s appropriate, nor comfortable to wear rain boots or snow boots in the office. I constantly am bringing shoes into work to go with my outfit, and wear outdoor shoes when needed or are appropriate.

If I were just going out with my husband for a night out or out with the girls, I may just wear whatever shoes go with my outfit. So that’s a different case.

Also, I have two little boys. I find it hard to wear heels at any given time unless it’s for a special occasion. I wear sneakers most of the time with them. In the morning, on nice days, I wear my sneakers when running out of the house with the kids. As mentioned, shoes that I can wear to work are in my bag. It’s now just a habit that I’ve formed and just kinda roll with.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to wear heels and feel like a girl all dolled up. However, I’ll just pay attention to my schedule and what is going on.

I actually don’t wear any shoes in the house. I either wear slippers, socks or have bare feet. I don’t like wearing shoes in the house.

Do you change your shoes when you get to where you are going (i.e. work)? Or do you care to wear your outside shoes inside? Let me know your thoughts!