Celebrate Good Times

I’m sure I’m like every woman out there that is using Pinterest, and have all good intentions of doing the things that you’ve pinned There is so much that you can do! You can pin pins that showcase recipes, and then re-create those recipes. You can pin pins about funny quotes, or inspiration. You can pin pins that showcase style inspiration. You can pin pins on party decorations and much much more.

I love Pinterest. I can’t stop pinning. I have so many pins that I don’t know what to do with….but I keep pinning! And I feel like I pin some great ideas and I have every intention of doing them. But what it comes down to, is that I don’t feel I have the time to actually do all of them! And then reading about how many people actually go through with their ideas and what not. YIKES!

I’m not trying to knock down anyone that does have the time to go through their pins and be pro-active and creative with them. However, part of me says “who has time for that?”. This could be because i am a full-time working mother. I ‘want’ so many things to happen or to be done, yet I don’t get myself to go there. For example, my son’s first birthday (which happens to be Dec. 24th – and our party wasn’t until a week or so later). With the holiday, his birthday, New Year’s, my husband’s birthday, I couldn’t even think straight!

I looked at so many blogs, pins, stories about how moms have spent lots of time and energy on going all out for the birthday and wanting it to be perfect. Now, I think that is all great and would have loved to have had a theme of sorts, and an elaborate cake. But my thought….Who has that sort of time? For all those mom’s that have been able to take the time, and make the first birthday so creative and special, I commend you. You have prepared and created such a wonderful event! As much as I wanted to have a theme and go all out, I honestly, thought it was too stressful! And he’s only 1, so he doesn’t completely get what’s going on. I do feel that I need to do things a certain way and want to impress, however at the same time it doesn’t truly matter. Everyone that came is family and our closest of friends. I mean, I want things to be perfect, but perfect doesn’t have to be themed decorations and what not. We thought our party went off without a hitch. (besides the little one being tired and wanted nothing to do with cake).

My husband and I decided to stick with simplicity. Pizza, salad, veggies, cake, beverages….for 35+ people, including kiddos! And honestly, I could not have been happier with the turnout. I didn’t feel that pressure of being perfect. I was more relaxed and calm because I didn’t have the little things to worry about. And everyone had a fantastic time!

Kudos to those that make all the perfect party decor, favors, food, etc. I am going to stick with keeping celebrations and gatherings simple. Because the most important thing to us, is to be with family & friends. And perfect to me, is family & friends.